What does character mean to you? What is your definition of it? I am the kind of person who genuinely gets to know people before I pass any sort of judgment. Now, judgment doesn’t always have to be a bad thing; it’s just what someone honestly perceives. The list below is what I noticed the past few days between two people. These two people I have known for years, and all that it took was a few days of their actions to bring to light what I knew all along. Sometimes, especially with those closest to us, we overlook red flags because we’re simply used to their behavior. Character speaks volumes, whether we are strangers passing by, lovers, family, or best friends. It is a universal language spoken and noticed amongst every single person in this world. 

It speaks high volumes when:

You befriend people of all sizes, but only flaunt the skinniest and prettiest ones.

Your taste in men is equivalent to that of a fifteen year old, raging hormonal teenager. And you’re almost 30.

You will jump into an icy body of water in a bikini for a “Winter Challenge”, but you won’t upload a makeup-free picture of your face.

You won’t list your job as a teacher, but rather your unofficial title, promoting clubs, bars, events, etc.

You have a new boyfriend every other week. There comes a point when that is not even called dating anymore.

You speak bad words behind a friends back, or anyones back. 

You don’t care about your friends’ real life accomplishments, only the superficial things happening to them, or they take part in.

You get mad that your friend now has a serious boyfriend because she knows how to properly pick MEN, not boys.

You only come around when someone is close in distance.

You only come around when someone has money.

Hell, you only come around when you’re bored and can’t find anyone else to hang out with.


What does friendship mean to people these days? What does character mean? 

Friendship, and all relationships, are a two way street. They require 100% on both parts. Ask about your friends day, their goals in life, their dreams, their passions, why they do what they do. Get involved and be there for them. Sometimes, the only people that person has is that one selfish friend, and that’s equivalent to nothing. People deserve real friendships, real relationships, and real people in their lives. Always surround yourselves with people who are only going to bring positivity to you and uplift you. When it comes down to you constantly giving advice and doing the aforementioned and that person never cares to listen or soak up what you’re offering, you are better off without each other. Trust me.

Character is everything. It is who you are. It is what makes you. We should all continue to strive to be better versions of ourselves. We should be aspiring. We should be inspiring. We should be real, honest, sweet, humble, believers, achievers, dreamers, and everything great and in between. 



2 thoughts on “Character

  1. I love this post. I love that you’re living a true and authentic life. It’s not always easy to do. The struggle is the hard part.

    Keep it up.

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