Gold Skies – Sander Van Doorn & Martin Garrix & DVBBS


It is 3:33 AM here on the west coast. My sleep schedule was severely messed up this past weekend from raging the night away, I have a sunburn from hell, and I have so much going on right now that I can’t sleep to save my life. On those accounts, I decided I would catch up on some blogging until I have to be up in 3 hours for class! Haha

This past weekend, I went to my second rave; Life In Color- Unleash tour with Steve Aoki, Adventure Club, Blasterjaxx and some awesome local Seattle DJ’s. It. Was. INCREDIBLE!!!!! It was a paint rave full of neon color, paint blasts, good vibes, good people, PLUR, raging, and amazing music. By the end of the night, I was soaked in paint, my outfit was completely thrashed, I lost my voice, my legs were jello from jumping and dancing all night, and my arm was full of beautifully traded kandi which also signifies a ton of brand new friendships. On top of that, I was absolutely DYING to see Adventure Club. The second I heard them at my hair salon one year ago, I was hooked. When I found out they were coming, and to LIC nonetheless, I was euphoric. I would call the night a definite success. 


I definitely want to tell you guys about the rave community and PLUR. I feel that if you guys got a genuine description of it, you would understand what it’s all about. There are different lifestyles for each genre in my opinion, but the EDM/ Rave community is number one on my list, period. 

I have always loved EDM ever since I was a teenager. I loved the rhythm, bass, drops, and how energized it made me. Back then and until this year, it was always about my love for the actual music. But, this year was when I was introduced to my first rave, the rave community, and educated on kandi and PLUR. And to be honest, it has changed my life. It has become SO much more than just the awesome music; it is now a lifestyle for me. PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. It is a way of life within and out of the rave community; our mantra. Once we are all within the walls of the rave, we all become a family. There are a plethora of individual families that all come together as one under that roof/sky. We all exude this lifestyle and mindset in our everyday lives as well, even when we are not raving, it is about us being better people and hopefully passing that onto others as well. I honestly have never seen anything so immense or incredible. I have been going to concerts since I was 14. I have been to rock, metal, reggae, and alternative and not one single one of them exuded the incredible energy that raves do. I can tell you 2+ bad experiences I’ve had at every single concert I’ve been to (generally with rude and disrespectful people), but not one single bad experience at a rave. Although, there will always be people begging to differ, I too, beg to differ in return. When I am under that roof with thousands of people, including my best friends and rave family, standing next to me and the lights start flashing, music is pumping, smoke is pouring, confetti and paint are blasting, I look around and every single person in there is laughing and smiling. My rave family and friends are laughing with me while we all dance together, strangers make eye contact with me and we laugh together, and all of us are just in there having a great time. You eventually realize that those people you called strangers are actually your friends. Everyone around you truly understands the meaning of peace and what it means to be at peace with themselves and one another. Everyone is willing to love one another with zero judgment passed. Nobody cares your body size, weight, personality, what you wear, how you look, nothing. We all accept one another, period. And all of that ties into respect. When a person with a bad attitude comes into the rave and starts drama and brings a ton of negative energy, it is up to us to educate them on PLUR and hopefully open their eyes to their shitty ways. If they don’t want to accept it and they continue to put people down and bully them, well honestly, you can get the fuck out. Nobody, not just ravers, should ever have to deal with that type of negativity and harassment.  

To me, this is a world that you would typically dream of. A place where positivity is prominent, the people are incredible, you make new friends on the drop of a dime (Which is not all that easy as an adult), and you can TRULY be yourself. The lights, music, and energy are all just the cherry on top. PLUR has changed me and has made me a more positive person. I’ll be the first to admit that although I thought I was a pretty positive person, the second I learned about PLUR, I realized I still had some work to do. I really don’t think I’ve ever honestly felt this way. It’s such a rush and comforting feeling to know that all of my new friends come from within the rave community; they are great people and they took me in the second they met me. For a girl who has a really big heart, it means everything to me to have an ever-growing family. And it means even more since we all live by PLUR. It’s a very genuine type of feeling that really can’t be explained better than I have done thus far and one should really experience this. 

The life of Shannon

Hey guys! I have been MIA a lot, but I’ve REALLY been MIA for the past five months. That is because I have had SO much going on. If you’ve been following me from the beginning of starting my blog, and/or you personally know me, you’re about to see a 180 degree change. Hell, you may even ask if this is the same Shannon. Yes, it is. Haha!! 

The start of the change in my life happened in October 2013, ironically on the anniversary that my life changed when I was 18. October 2nd was the day that I joined the United States Navy and went off to boot camp. It is also the same day that I got discharged from the Navy, five years later. And three years after that, I got paid my disability backpay. This was a huge milestone, because ever since 2012 when I gave up everything for my ex-boyfriend, I was severely struggling with money. He left me with piles of debt, bills left under my name even though I hadn’t lived with him for months and the VA not paying me on time. Not only was the VA late on paying me my money for school by 3 months, the government also decided to shut down at the same time. Had it not been for living with my parents during this tumultuous time, I would have honestly been homeless and bankrupt.  And seriously, out of nowhere during all of this chaos with the government, a HUGE amount of money was deposited into my bank account. I was checking every single day, praying for a miracle, deciding how I was going to pay my bills or even get to school, and on this day when I looked, I went into shock. I was just staring at the screen. I called the bank to ask if it was a mistake. I called my mom crying. It truly was a miracle, no question about it. If I didn’t believe in God at that time, I started to that very day. Things only went up from there. I had only ended up in Texas because I couldn’t deal or bear with my now- ex anymore and I had to get back on my feet somehow. Living with my parents was incredible, especially after being away from them so long whilst being active duty, but the time had officially come where I needed to move to where I would be happy and stable without them. I’m an independent woman to the max. Like I said, living with them for one year was amazing, but for my life, it was not longer suitable. I wanted to be on my own again, I needed to be. So, I sat down with them and made the huge decision that I was going to move back up to Washington state. The very state where my ex ripped me from, the state that I cried over leaving. I had everything up there, and moved for a man who even after 4 years, I couldn’t even fully trust, so shame on me. But once I was given the opportunity to possibly move back, I jumped on it. 2 months later, after school was officially finished, I rented a moving truck, loaded my car onto the dolly, packed my stuff, and drove cross country all by myself. It was one of the most bittersweet goodbyes of my life. After all, my parents and time in Texas had shaped me and helped me grow, learn, and become the strong woman that I am today. I thought that I was strong before, but that year was absolutely the biggest growing year of my life. To leave it all behind was heartbreaking, but the thrill and liberation of starting my new life in Washington couldn’t keep me around. I cried almost the entire 9 hours it took me to get out of Texas. I left a few best friends behind, but what really broke my heart was leaving my parents behind. Their support and love is what helped with the courage to start a new life on my own, so they were all happy tears of course. I was able to make a few stops along the way, seeing some incredible friends who supported my every move. It made the move a lot more tolerable, being able to stop in every other state and see them. It was nice to talk about my life choices with them, and also get a much needed break from the road. I took an extra day off and spent it with my best friend, Gabby, and her daughter in California. I was almost considering just staying there and living there, but something in my gut told me to get my ass up to Washington. I arrived in Washington on New Years Eve. Now, if that isn’t really something to mark a huge chapter in your life, I don’t know what is. I signed the lease on my apartment and started unloading thanks to the help of a few friends. As I sat alone in my new apartment by myself, pondering on the huge move I had just accomplished, looking at the new place I lived in all by myself with no roommates and no significant other, and realizing that all of this happened on the eve of a brand new year, I couldn’t help but be overcome with so many emotions. It was by far one of the most liberating feelings I’ve ever had, and I honestly still feel it five months later. Over these past few months, it has been a lot of settling in, starting college out here, reconnecting with my friends, and job hunting. Well, I am proud to tell you guys and tack on to this already awesome success story, that I am in college full time out here. I switched my major from atmospheric sciences over to geology, volcanology, and seismology. Sometimes dreams change in a way, but they still have the ability to remain the same. I have a passion for the mountains, just as well as a passion for tornadoes. I also have a JOB! That is probably the biggest accomplishment yet, after struggling with low paychecks from school, unemployment, and struggling to find one for the past three years. On a whim, I applied for a job at the shipyard, and next thing I know, I’m being offered the job. Yes, I cried during this news also! haha! I am now working at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, WA. I work in the Outside Repair Shop, working on all external equipment; propellors, catapults, arresting gear, elevators, weapons, and also the Nuclear Power Plant. It is an incredible job opportunity and I was very blessed to get it. So, I told you guys it was a 180 degree change! From seeing me depending on a piece of shit ex boyfriend, to struggling with unemployment, to having no education and being severely unhappy and living with my parents to get back on my feet to being a full time college student just shy of an Associates Degree, to living completely independent with no help from anyone, to having a full time job, and some very incredible people in my life, it is living proof that things always have the ability to look up and the ability to change in the blink of an eye. Without those terrible times, I wouldn’t be where I’m at right now. I wouldn’t have lost all of those toxic, shitty ass people who I knew because of my ex, I wouldn’t have had the chance to reconnect and grow with my parents after 5 years, I wouldn’t have an education or a job, and I wouldn’t have been happy. Sometimes, you have to hit rock bottom and once you’re down there, make that the stable foundation of which you will build your new life upon. Always surround yourself with greatness. If you feel like you are settling, you are. So take whatever steps you need to get out of that rut that you are in. It will be worth it, I promise. One of my favorite things about this move, were the final people I cut out of my life. There were some who were with me during my struggle that all of a sudden started questioning and doubting me and my move. They didn’t think it was a good idea. Why? Because I was bettering myself and they knew that I would be soaring above them. Just remember, they always want to see you do good, but NEVER better than them. Keep your head up, surround yourself with those on the same mission as you, and never stop living for YOU. Everyone else falls in line once you are taken care of. 


Thank you for reading, and as always, if you ever need advice, especially on something you’re going through that could relate to this very post, feel free to contact me!


What does character mean to you? What is your definition of it? I am the kind of person who genuinely gets to know people before I pass any sort of judgment. Now, judgment doesn’t always have to be a bad thing; it’s just what someone honestly perceives. The list below is what I noticed the past few days between two people. These two people I have known for years, and all that it took was a few days of their actions to bring to light what I knew all along. Sometimes, especially with those closest to us, we overlook red flags because we’re simply used to their behavior. Character speaks volumes, whether we are strangers passing by, lovers, family, or best friends. It is a universal language spoken and noticed amongst every single person in this world. 

It speaks high volumes when:

You befriend people of all sizes, but only flaunt the skinniest and prettiest ones.

Your taste in men is equivalent to that of a fifteen year old, raging hormonal teenager. And you’re almost 30.

You will jump into an icy body of water in a bikini for a “Winter Challenge”, but you won’t upload a makeup-free picture of your face.

You won’t list your job as a teacher, but rather your unofficial title, promoting clubs, bars, events, etc.

You have a new boyfriend every other week. There comes a point when that is not even called dating anymore.

You speak bad words behind a friends back, or anyones back. 

You don’t care about your friends’ real life accomplishments, only the superficial things happening to them, or they take part in.

You get mad that your friend now has a serious boyfriend because she knows how to properly pick MEN, not boys.

You only come around when someone is close in distance.

You only come around when someone has money.

Hell, you only come around when you’re bored and can’t find anyone else to hang out with.


What does friendship mean to people these days? What does character mean? 

Friendship, and all relationships, are a two way street. They require 100% on both parts. Ask about your friends day, their goals in life, their dreams, their passions, why they do what they do. Get involved and be there for them. Sometimes, the only people that person has is that one selfish friend, and that’s equivalent to nothing. People deserve real friendships, real relationships, and real people in their lives. Always surround yourselves with people who are only going to bring positivity to you and uplift you. When it comes down to you constantly giving advice and doing the aforementioned and that person never cares to listen or soak up what you’re offering, you are better off without each other. Trust me.

Character is everything. It is who you are. It is what makes you. We should all continue to strive to be better versions of ourselves. We should be aspiring. We should be inspiring. We should be real, honest, sweet, humble, believers, achievers, dreamers, and everything great and in between. 



Loneliness – Solitudine – Însingurare

Shannon Eck:

This is beautiful.

Originally posted on valeriu dg barbu:

Trilingual text

The forest it clings like a bar code
on the frozen glass of the window -
The price for …alienation
Some crows, drawn quickly, scares the Sun
In Rome it snows very rarely, but if it were happening right now
I would get out here, in the garden, fast, fast
and I will make a woman of snow – I being a hetero, why I would make a man?
Then, I will put the photos on internet, before appearing in some way, I do not know, a real woman…
and can no longer be the woman of snow, one viral on the internet…
The forest is approaching
the crows snowing, snow sprinkle black-matte, or is the night…
The only thing I have left is the iPhone
with a crumpled carol as a ringtone


La foresta si aggrappa come un codice a barre
sul vetro ghiacciato dalla finestra -

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